Gulf Coast Leadership Council Trains and Develops the Next Generation of Gulf Coast Leaders

The Gulf Coast Leadership Council (GCLC) is a 501 (c)(3) organization founded by key religious and civic leaders in Houston as a vehicle to train leadership from diverse faith and community institutions to go beyond providing services alone and to develop the capacity to act effectively in the public arena.  

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    St. Peter's Episcopal Church Hosts House Meetings in Pasadena

    1610_-_GCLC_-_St._Peters_Episcopal_Hosts_House_Meetings_in_Pasadena_-_Cropped.jpgAt a house meeting event hosted by St. Peter's Episcopal Church, leaders residing in Pasadena, Texas shared stories of pressures their families are struggling with including payday lending, healthcare coverage gaps, public education and crime in their neighborhoods.  Leaders sat around tables in these small group conversations.