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1708-GCLC_-_Douglas-Pierre-Assembly-with-Sheriff-Pinning-Very_-_Cropped.jpgThe Gulf Coast Leadership Council (GCLC) is a 501 (c)(3) organization founded by key religious and civic leaders in Houston as a vehicle to train leadership from diverse faith and community institutions to go beyond providing services in order to develop the capacity to act effectively in the public arena.  

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    All Saints Catholic Hosts Immigration Civic Academy

    In response to stories heard at their parish, leaders from All Saints Catholic Church organized a civic academy with Attorney Carolina Ortuzar-Diaz and Assistant Police Chief Victorian to learn how the latest changes on DACA and SB4 might impact them.  Following the information portion of the session, leaders broke out into small groups to share their immigration experiences.  

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    GCLC Prepares 40 New Leaders for Institutional Leadership

    40 members of congregations participated in a two-day leadership training workshop to learn how to organize, build power, and act on their faith as congregational leaders.

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