Issues & Training

GCLC helps leaders work on a broad agenda of issues, develop new leaders within member congregations and recruit new institutional members to broaden the base.

Leadership Training

During training seminars put on by GCLC, participants learn how to conduct individual and house meetings, how to develop research action teams, and the process in which we connect congregations and communities across all lines of race, class, geography and faith. Through these training seminars, over 215 new leaders have been identified within the last 4 years of service to the community.

Through house meeting campaigns, neighborhood walks, and leadership teams GCLC is additionally able to help leaders identify the true concerns of the community and then move forward on establishing goals and areas of interest.  Key issues that GCLC-trained leaders work on include...

  • Humane Immigration Reform                                                               
  • Workers Rights and Workforce Development (Capital IDEA - Houston)
  • Healthcare
  • Public Safety
  • Public Education

Capital IDEA - Houston
GCLC leaders and organizers found that many adults in Houston would like to improve their lives by getting better jobs or moving up in their current jobs, but lack access to the educational opportunities to achieve this. They seek adult education programs such as long term workforce development, adult remediation, and English as a Second Language in order to gain the knowledge to meet higher job and education qualifications.

In response to voiced demands for long-term workforce development, GCLC developed Capital IDEA - Houston. Capital IDEA - Houston, a local workforce development strategy that lifts participants out of poverty, was launched in 2010 as a result of the workforce organizing done by GCLC leaders and organizers.  In response to increasing numbers of families suffering from job loss, unemployment, and lack of adequate pay and benefits due to inadequate job training and skill, this project provides access to long-term job training to low-income, unemployed, and under-employed adults in the Greater Houston area.  In 2010-2011 Capital IDEA - Houston's first 150 students were enrolled in classes at Houston Community College and Lonestar Community College. 

GCLC's adult workforce development strategy not only seeks to identify, create, and increase access to adult education programs, but more importantly it also creates institutional change that improves long term workforce development, adult remediation, and ESL opportunities. 

Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) & DACA Training 

Gulf Coast Leadership Council has worked hard to prepare immigrants for the possibility of deferred deportation status by training institution-based leaders to teach others about the substance and status of the Presidential Executive Action.  In photo, families listen to presentation at St. Leo the Great Catholic Church led by a GCLC-prepared trainee.